Women (still) have time

Women will call the vet

Women will feed kids pets

Women will make your appointment, it’s hard for you to navigate the system

Women will remind you about your appointments

Women will respond to texts phone calls email about your appointments

Women will pay family members’ bills

Women remember the logins and passwords and websites

Women know you are having a bad day

Women will check the grades

Women will be flexible stern understanding diligent watchful relaxed patient about your grades

Women make healthcare decisions

Women will volunteer for your political campaign service group PTO scout group committee support group union campaign vaccination site food rescue facebook group polling place meal train, sure

Women need to reach more voters

Women will buy your holiday cards

Women will make sure your clothes are in season

Women will return the books rentals on time

Women will plan transportation

Women will remember about washing your uniform

Women remind you to take your vitamins

Women should run for office

Women will order the water filters furnace filters toilet paper soap supplements poop bags

Women will get the car repaired inspected oil changed tires replaced that sound checked out, right away

Women know the new pandemic hours

Women should get their mammograms teeth cleaned hair cut pap smears blood work vaccinations REMEMBER SELF CARE