Women have time

women have time

women have their own computers for work

women have a professional spot at home for video meetings

women can make lunch dinner breakfast snacks dessert

women want to teach kids to cook, it’s fun

women can make pandemic holidays special

women remind you to do the dishes

women will do the dishes themselves

women teach kids chores how else will they learn

women will set up family video chats

women will explain it again, of course

women will help you order groceries do the census get absentee ballot, sure

women have time for shopping

women are prepared for this, we made you a plan

women can make a food schedule. and be flexible that is important.

women make sure we don’t waste food

women think about your emotional well being

women support local businesses

women know what place is open and when

women can place the order, sure

women can work and teach at the same time

women can share their computer with kids, there’s nothing to worry about

women should ask for help when they feel overwhelmed

women can sew

women used to be able to sew in the good old days

women can find masks for the family online, it’s easy

women have time to make a neighborhood scavenger hunt

women have time to make instructional videos to cheer up their colleagues

women have so much time for new hobbies

women can send you that link/document/phone number again

women will help you through this crisis

women can make sure everybody gets exercise

women can keep up the routine

women can adjust, no problem

This post is inspired by did u kno by Cara Blouin, link here: https://squeekypickles.tumblr.com/post/168130236868/by-cara-blouin/amp Reading mine, please feel free to replace “women” with whatever person term feels right for you. If don’t like this, don’t read it and don’t share it. Or contact me by phone to talk about it. I might have time for that.