Things I was not expecting… volume 1

I don’t think anybody was really expecting *this*. The whole situation is rather unbelievable. Before this weird time becomes too normal in my mind, I will write down some of the things that have happened or are happening on a regular basis that I did not plan to do in March and April 2020.


I have not ironed since I was a young teenager and looks like on below this were ?common, in style, available? Given the difficulty I had finding a pop culture image of someone wearing a vest and ironed shirt in the 90s, I guess I don’t have any excuse for my teen fashion choices. Lol.

Now I am ironing almost on a daily basis, smoothing fabric and making pleats on home made masks. I am not a prolific mask maker. Ironing the bias tape for the straps takes me a long time. The ironing board is now set up in our dining room indefinitely. My daugher says she likes the smell of ironing. I am getting used to the sounds the iron makes and they are almost comforting. I don’t know why. Maybe because making useful things with my iron gives me a greater sense of purpose? I like helping.

I know that I do find it very satisfying to use up some of this fabric that I’ve been storing for 15ish years. Do you need a mask? I don’t have many fabric choices but I can promise you that your mask will be made with lots of love and care. You can wash this and use over and over. This is the pattern: Here’s a photo of one of mine.

Thank you to a friend and neighbor for the gift of thread and other notions that is keeping me sewing for the moment. And really, let me know if you need a mask or two.

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  1. You have always been, and continue to be, a blessing in my life. Thank you for caring that others get masks, and holding kindness up high, in this trying time. ❤️

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